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Some things padlocks can’t protect, Cyphlon makes it advance through technology. Because we believe in imagination at work. Live in your world freely and let us guard your business.

  • Confidentiality

    We are keeping data’s confidentiality implying all data private for other sources. This privacy entails restricting access to sensitive data.

  • Integrity

    Data integrity strategies ensures that data has not been corrupted. Also, a data integrity solution will perform origin authentication.

  • Availability

    Making availability solutions, Safe from hackers your information is, we make sure you get your all necessary data on the right time.

  • non-repudiation

    Applying the non-repudiation rule, data of any business is assured not to be altered or compromised in any case.


Why Choose Cyphlon

It is important that you do not take any chances regarding to the security of your system. A bit of negligence can prove to be rather costly if someone manages to break into your system and gain access to files that could cause any compromise. Therefore, we are taking adequate measures to ensure that we have done everything to safeguard your system and it is of utmost importance. Pen tests prove to be quite helpful in this regard. If you are looking for ways via which you would be able to easily check the security status of your system, you will find us highly reliable.


Fusing human intelligence with security


Service we offer

We provide with the standard able security solutions. We make your protection, our commitment.

  • Infrastructure Security

    All the networks or systems of any businesses and their critical infrastructures are protected and well prevented from any attacks.

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  • Web App Security

    Web applications are protected by applying most successful methods of securing web based platforms and their further layers of architecture.

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  • Mobile App Security

    Service developed with a specialized set of functionalities that help users improve their security of mobile applications.

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  • Network Security

    Hackers are faster determined when they are challenged. CyphlonX is built around a concept that brings back the underground podium to spice things up.

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  • Incident Handling

    We see the way our client's security has evolved.Our services lets you clearly understand what’s happening, analyze the risk and prepare a recommended plan.

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  • Forensics

    Analysis of business’s information and investigating all vulnerabilities in systems and making a suitable solution for them is mainly preferred.

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  • Compliance

    Security compliances are integrated to provide with the standard and quality security to businesses. It is made sure that every single compliance is applied to the system.

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  • Gap Analysis

    Assessing the differences in performance between a business' information systems or software applications to determine whether business requirements are being met.

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What is CyphlonX

CyphlonX is all about fortifying your business, and a professional security for a changing world. CyphlonX helps to make your business secure at maximum level.

  • Pen Test Management

    Demonstrating knowledge and experience in engagements from front-line experience in pentesting.

  • Compliance Integration

    Every standard of compliance is integrated during security assessment of businesses.

  • Realtime Followup

    Vulnerabilities reported to the costumer on real time environment basis.

  • Streamlined Collaboration

    Pentesters collaborating so that they cannot disrupt any flow of processes.

  • IPE Integration

    Designed for distribution, analysis of data during process of security assessment.

  • Mitigation Review

    Pentesters review bugs or false positives so it could be mitigated on time.


Minimizing Risk from your business


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