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Some things padlocks can’t protect, Cyphlon makes it advance through technology. Because we believe in imagination at work. Live in your world freely and let us guard your business.

  • Confidentiality

    In our concept of confidentiality we are keeping data confidential implying all data private for any other source. This privacy entails restricting access to sensitive data of any business.

  • Integrity

    Data integrity strategies ensures that data has not been corrupted. Also, a data integrity solution will perform origin authentication to verify that data traffic is originating from the source that should be sending it

  • Availability

    Making availability solutions, Safe from hackers your information is, it is no use if you can't get at it when you need to. So we make sure you get your all necessary data on the right time.

  • non-repudiation

    Applying the non-repudiation rule, data of any business is assured not to be altered or compromised in any case.


Why Choose Cyphlon

It is important that you do not take any chances regarding to the security of your system. A bit of negligence can prove to be rather costly if someone manages to break into your system and gain access to files that could cause any compromise. Therefore, we are taking adequate measures to ensure that we have done everything to safeguard your system and it is of utmost importance. Pen tests prove to be quite helpful in this regard. If you are looking for ways via which you would be able to easily check the security status of your system, you will find us highly reliable.

When you avail our services, you can be confident that the time that usually goes into attaining the results and report of the test of your system is reduced to a large extent. You would be able to attain quick results, which ensure that you would be able to take the right steps at a faster rate to increase the security of the system and cover up its lapses.

You will find that we also strive to ensure that the financial input that goes into pentests is reduced drastically. You will be able to keep the financial input in check as we provide you with pentests that are not only effective but also affordable. This ensures that you do not have to worry about the revenue of your business.

It is not just cost that is reduced when you avail our services. We also serve to ensure that the resources you require are decreased as well. You would just have to allot one person to the task of assessing the reports.

If you are wondering why you should trust us to analyze the security status of your system, it is due to the level of quality that we provide. We strive to ensure that you get the best quality of service possible, and you do not get a reason to complain.

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