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Web Application Security

Web applications are protected by applying most successful methods of securing web based platforms and their further layers of architecture. The web application penetration test aims to provide a safe approach to evaluate the security of your web applications without disruption to your business operation. Any security issues that are found are reported to the system owners together with an impact analysis and proposal for technical solution or mitigation sorted by their risk levels. We further recommend that web application penetration test be performed at least yearly or if any major changes to the network or web application to ensure that the organization IT systems are constantly secure and well protected.With the emergence of Web applications, increased information sharing through social networking and increasing business adoption of the Web as a means of doing business and delivering service, websites are often attacked directly.

Hackers either seek to compromise the corporate network or the end-users accessing the website by subjecting them to drive-by downloading. As a result, industry is paying increased attention to the security of the web applications themselves in addition to the security of the underlying computer network and operating systems.

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