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Ethical hackers are faster and more determined when they are challenged. CyphlonX is built around a pen testing concept that brings back the underground podium to spice things up. Network hackers are always on the prowl to attack an organization's network. Although these attacks mostly take place at major financial institutions, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies, that does not mean that an organization that deals in any other business is free from the network hacker. A patient network hacker would not compromise the network servers during normal working hours. He will usually launch an attack between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., reducing the likelihood of anyone knowing about the attack. This gives the network hacker more time to apply sniffers and backdoors on the network hosts without having to worry about the presence of system administrators.CyphlonX is approached by large enterprises to assess the

security of their external-facing network assets for many reasons. But chief among them are dissatisfaction with their own internal tools, their present provider, and/or their own internal team’s ability to effectively manage all of their external testing work efficiently over time in a consistent and professional manner. These kinds of situations frequently result in an assignment for someone in a company’s security staff to search out alternatives. That opens up an opportunity for CyphlonX to present our highly-disciplined, in-depth approach to assisting them in assessing the security of their external network.

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