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Mobile Application Security

A service developed with a specialized set of functionalities that help users improve their security of mobile applications either personal or business related. Mobile apps offer a level of convenience that the world has never known before. From home, the office, on the road and even from your hotel room in another country on vacation – you can login to your voicemail at work, check your credit card balance, view your bank balance, and buy new clothes, book travel and more. This extreme level of convenience has brought with it an extreme number of security risks as user’s credit card details, bank logins, passwords and more are flying between devices and backend databases and systems across the net. Because of this,it is pretty much impossible to make certain assumptions about the underlying security of a mobile device or the application mix being used on that device.This unknown territory, makes securing the application and its execution an

increasingly difficult task.CyphlonX often taps vulnerabilities or bugs in the design and coding of the mobile applications they target. To secure the mobile workforce, Cyphlon’s IT security professionals consider how mobility impacts their business risk profile. The proposed framework looks at the device, the data, the application and the transaction as components of a single continuum that secured to minimize the business risk associated with mobility; it’s about finding a balance between usability and mitigating risk.

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