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We see the way our client's security has evolved. Our services lets you clearly understand what’s happening, analyze the risk and prepare a recommendation plan accordingly. Types of incidents might include malicious code attacks, denial of service, espionage, sabotage, hoaxes, unauthorized access, insider threats, policy violations and many others. The six steps are preparation, identifications, containment, eradication, recovery and lessons learned. Incident handling is a generalized term that refers to the response by a person or organization to an attack. An organized and careful reaction to an incident can mean the difference between complete recovery and total disaster. This paper will provide a logical approach to handling two common forms of attack - virus outbreak and system compromise. The method that this article will propose includes the following sequence of steps that should be followed in the case of all types of attack.

Cyphlon makes sure that every incident is handled and well responded as per user’s requirements. While preparation is vital for minimizing the effects of an attack, the first post-attack step in Incident handling is the identification of an incident. Identification of an incident is focused by our team to make your security our first concern.

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